GHa Conversion vs. Native VLog Comparison

A True Match.

With the GH Alex Conversion, the GH5 is the now the perfect B-cam for the Arri Alexa.
Below are side-by-side comparisons of the Arri Alexa to the GHa Conversion.

Click the GH5 images on the right to toggle to the original color, before conversion.

Alexa Tungsten Example
GH5 Tungsten Comparison Example
Alexa Daylight Example
GH5 Daylight Comparison Example

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Stunning Rolloff.

The conversion introduces an organic rolloff tailored to the GH5's dynamic range.
The rolloff repairs hue twists caused by uneven RGB channel clipping.

Click the image set below to toggle to the original rolloff, before conversion.

GHa Conversion vs Native VLog Rolloff Comparison

Daylight Plus Tungsten

Supported Light Sources

There are two versions of the GHa conversion, Daylight and Tungsten.
These were created independently to achieve the highest accuracy for each light source.
These may be used on footage with other light sources or mixed lighting.
However, they will perform best in their white balance 'neighborhood'.

Color Spectrum Divider

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