GH-Alex: Precision Color Conversion

Alexa Color, GH5 Formfactor

GH5 footage is transformed to precisely match the color science of the Alexa, without compromise. This is achieved without causing artifacts, while introducing a smooth, organic rolloff.

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Rich Color. Grade friendly.

The conversion results in natural color reproduction, where each hue is true to life, and the brightness levels throughout each hue place just right. Excellent color separation ensures a vibrant and striking rendition of the scene. Great looking skin tone is the star of the show.

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Highlights Image

Highlights. Just like film.

Like the Alexa and film, the GHa conversion transforms the GH5’s rough transition to clipping into a gradual and organic rolloff. Hue twists that are the result of unequal RGB channel clipping are eliminated, while retaining leftover subtle detail just below full white.

Artifact Free. Clean Color.

Carefully implemented and thoroughly tested, the conversion is free of artifacts or other complications. Every exposure and color has been tested under extreme lighting to ensure clean performance of the conversion in any situation.

Artifact Free Image.

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